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Here is a brand new window cleaning app for you!

If you are a window cleaner looking to reduce paperwork and make the most efficient use of your time in order to increase income, this might be the right tool for you.


I'm happy to offer you an amazing application that will make your job easier and will allow you to effortlessly keep track of your appointments and earnings.

This application is web-based, which means you can use it on your mobile phone, computer, iPad or any other tablet, laptop or even a smart TV, if you wanted to. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection, and you are ready to go.

There's a downside to a web based application - it only works while having an internet connection.

But on the upside: whatever happens to your phone or tablet - you will never loose your customer details - ever!

With this application you log all your business related information on the go - no need to deal with papers at home after a hard day's work!

Click here for the full description of the app (alternatively, use the option Overview and Help in the Menu bar).

This is a sophisticated customer database / round tracker, made by a window cleaner for window cleaners. Here are the main features:

- Have all of your business related information with you at all times.

- Track all your appointments easily, whether you clean on a regular basis or on a call-by-call basis.

- Track all payments. No open payment will ever go forgotten again!

- Daily reminders for upcoming cleanings. Integrated buttons allow you to easily access your phone, text or email functions on the mobile device.

- Reminders to contact customers are shown on the date when you've agreed to contact these customers for next cleaning.

- The Today function will show you all the cleanings planned for today sorted by time.

- If you ever miss an appointment, there is even a function that will show you all overdue appointments. They will never again sink into the oblivion, they will stay in the list until you deal with them. And the function Possible turnover linked to that list will keep you motivated to catch up with these appointments!

- The Calendar function gives you a possibility to plan your work for half a year ahead.

- The Settings allow you to adjust date and time formats to your personal preferences.

- All your input data are stored on a secure server: all communication from your Internet device to the server is encrypted, same as your bank page does (https / SSL).

- Feedback function.

I am offering this application on a subscription basis. The monthly fee is just £5. This fee includes the use of the app and all future updates. It includes web-hosting and maintaining of your own database. Currently accepted payment methods are PayPal (bank account and credit card payments) and direct bank transfer.

I am inviting you to try the full version of this tool free for one month. Once this trial period is over, you can decide whether or not you want to spend £5 a month to continue receiving all the amazing benefits this app has to offer.

Even though it is a subscription, there is no minimum contract duration, you can quit anytime. You don't even need to cancel - you just stop paying. For more information, please check my Terms and Conditions.

To start your trial, use the Register button below.

Once you input all requested personal details, I will set up your personal database, and you are ready to go! If you have your customer and appointments details on an Excel sheet or similar, I can import them for you into your database for an additional fee.

Please feel free to ask any questions using the Contact form!